Frequently Asked Questions


A. No worries! Your booth comes with one of our personally selected Phenomenal Attendants; who has the keen ability of observing just when and how to engage and assist your guests in experiencing a fun event within your event!

A. We offer a variety of Phenomenal backdrops! Our beautiful sequin backdrops will glamour your event and make sure you are having as much fun as possible. We also have luxurious solid red or black backdrops and that bring out the rich colors of your experience in each photo. You’re welcome to supply a special backdrop of your own!

A. To prop or not to prop…that is the question. And the answer is completely your choice! You and your guests have full control over whether or not to browse our 6ft table full of props and set your imagination free with your photos!! Whether you use a prop in the booth or not, the goal is to relax and have fun!


A. The enclosed style Privacy Booths are approximately 10ft wide, 10ft deep and 10ft tall. Our Air Booths are a Red Carpet Experience that will have you feeling like a celebrity walking on the Red carpet!

A. We currently have 2 booth set-up types: Privacy Booth and Air Booth. The Privacy Booth is enclosed in a curtain; giving your guests a certain amount of privacy and can hold about 4-5 people comfortably (but for the more adventurous, 11 people is the record!). The Air Booth is open and uses a photography studio set-up as the backdrop; allowing more people in the shot. In both booth types you can have a custom backdrop.


A. Our booths are capable of printing either 4×6 inch postcard prints or 2×6 inch photo strips which gives a lot of creative freedom for the design. Depending on the package and options you select, our standard print design contains our Phenomenal logo to the right, but we can custom design your print with corporate logos, wedding related photos and designs, and a variety of colors, backgrounds and overlays. Contact us if you would like to see more examples of what’s available.

A. We use commercial grade dye-sublimation printers and only the best paper which means that our prints are the highest quality and they are dry to touch as soon as they leave the booth. They are also matte laminated to make them ultra-tough and ‘accident’ resistant!

A. We will service anywhere that is accessible by car in the Nation’s Capital Region, and Every Surrounding State! From the Washington DC Metropolitan area, to the Baltimore, Chesapeake Bay, Richmond, and Virginia/West Virginia Wine Country areas; we are your #1 Photo Booth choice for making your event memorable

A. Our booths are a great way to raise funds! You can sell tokens to your guests and recoup your costs, or charge for reprints of each image. Contact us if you would like to see more on how Phenomenal Photo Booth Rentals can help you as you help others!